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05 September 2007 @ 11:48 am
Dammit, guys. I am so sick, and I couldn't find ANYONE to cover my shift today. Everyone is either at school or working already! I called 5 different stores!! D|  I've come down with some kind of horrendous cold as well as a slightly fever. It's not just my nose, though. I feel completely like shit and my eyes are on fire.


Feel free to ignore this. I am going to be dead by tonight, after all.

This will be a lovely new experience. DRIVING WHILE SICK. 8)

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26 August 2007 @ 09:50 pm
Well, been a while again, huh?

I started my first week of community college at ECC, and so far, I really love it there. I don't feel trapped, because now I commute to school and stuff, and can live at home. The place is really nice for a community college, way nicer than anything I ever saw at NIU. The classes are small, but will be challenging. I'm nervous about actually having to DO school stuff again, but... I'll get buy, yeah? This semester I'm taking Child Psychology (lol,) English Composition II, Speech (GAG,) and World History. My teachers all seem really nice, if not quirky, but I can tell these classes wont be an easy ride. Especially English Comp II, which is pretty much going to essay after essay.

It seems a number of you are moving to college now or very soon. Good luck with it, and really, there should be nothing to worry about! My move in last year was actually one of the best times I spent at college. (Is that really a good thing?)

Hmm, what else to say. Still buying crap off of Ebay. Should be catching up with my new manga and such, but I've been too busy drawing and actually being on MSN and AIM for once. I was too tired to do that today, though, because we had guests.

Last week was insane because of the weather. I had to go to work at 4:30 on the day that this monster storm hit the area. Some of you might have heard about the recent flooding and what not in the midwest due to very strange storms. The bad stuff happened around 3 pm, when our power goes out and it starts pouring like I've never seen it pour before. The wind literally made the rain move sideways and whip against our windows as if someone had a hose outside and was pointing it at our window. The thunder was deafening, and my grandmother ended up calling us to tell us there were tornado warnings for the area. I ended up going downstairs with my mom and the cat for about an hour until I had to go, but the worst of that wave was over by the time I had to leave, which proved to be very lucky for me. I made it to work, even though this one road on a hill I always take was INSANELY blocked up with cars. And I started to lose traction when I finally made it up to the four way stop. It was great. 8) I made it to work, and my manager was quite freaked out. The lights had gone out, the tornado sirens had been on, and she had literally run to the back room bathroom because that is the safest place in the store. Ahem. Everything seemed fine for a while, even though funnel clouds had been sighted in Geneva (the town I work in and live near,) and there was damage everywhere. I had seen a number of trees snapped in half, as well as branches and shit strewn around the streets on my way there. We had no customers at all, and some of the stores around there had closed (lucky devils.) A little before 6 pm, when my manager was set to leave, a new wave of insane rain and thunder passed over us. It was even worse than the first had been, and water was literally gushing up from the drains in the road. Water literally would fly up and hit the windshields of cars as they drove through the chaos. It subsided a little, however, and Kari was able to leave. This continued for a long time through the evening, our power going out for a second and third time while I was alone. And I had one customer the entire night. I couldn't help but look at them her like she was an idiot, and she had her daughter with her, too. I mean, wtf? GO HOME. So, in other words, we had one customer from around 3 pm until 9 pm. Haaaah.

I got home safely, it wasn't really storming anymore by then, but when I got home... our power was still out. 8) So, no hot meal for me! And to top it all off, there was another wave that hit us late that night and I barely got any sleep. The thunder was just unbearable. Huge crashes of sound, that lasted for 30 seconds or more. WOO YEAH I LOVE THIS WEATHER.


The biggest highlight of last week was getting .hack//XXXX volume 1 and 2 in the mail. For those of you who have probably stopped reading at this point, .hack//XXXX is an alternate retelling of the first .hack games (Infection, Mutation, Outbreak, Quarantine.) Also known as the one with BlackRose and Kite. Capeche? Well, I've been working on a mood theme for Kite, and have chosen to do manga-only pictures. Since The Wafflehouse hasn't been keeping up with their bloody projects, including .hack//XXXX and .hack//4 Koma, I decided to buy the manga so I could scan all of Kite's wonderful emotions.

And boy, was I surprised. I was really, really pleased with how .hack//XXXX's scenario played out.

Oh, oh, I have been working on the meme pictures, so don't worry, guys! I'll probably post them all in the next entry, kay?

I don't wanna go to class tomorrow morning. It's to eaaaarly. D|

Also, I'm gonna post some mp3s on carminagadelica. I really want to see the anime that they're from, but you'll have to head over there to find out anything else. /wink
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17 August 2007 @ 11:22 pm
So, I finished the first sketch of the drawing meme, and I am very proud of it. For my beloved gravira , I present... Daisuke Niwa!

Zomg, red heads are sexyCollapse )
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16 August 2007 @ 11:49 am
Since I participated in oki_chan's drawing meme, I have to return the favor to my flist and draw you guys stuff. 8)

THE FIRST 5 PEOPLE WHO RESPOND TO THIS JOURNAL ENTRY WILL GET A FREE SKETCH of anything their sick, little heart desires sans pr0nz, courtesy of me.

The fine print:
a) If you make a request, you must duplicate the offer. Basically, you have to do 5 sketches for friends/well meaning strangers.
b) Don't be shy in your request, but do understand that you'll be receiving a messy pencil sketch at best.

Copied and pasted! 8D So, yeah, first 5 people get a drawing from of anything they want. They'll just be sketches, but hey.
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15 August 2007 @ 01:46 pm
Hm. Seems I went missing. Again. Uhhhh. I spent my three days off with Jamie and Diane, so that's mostly why I haven't been online. 8) I wont be off again until Friday, and school starts on the 20th (HOLY SHIT.) I can already tell this whole school and work at the same time thing is going to be a wonderful problem.

Sorry for not replying to your comments on the last post, but I will say that I actually missed the visit. I was there in the morning to mid afternoon, but they didn't show until later, when my manager was the only one there. The reason why my manager wasn't answering her phone the day before the regional manager visit was because it had been dropped in a cup of coffee, and thus, DIED. Lawl. Well, at least it turned out my manager wasn't being irresponsible. Also, remember how I was talking about the girl who fainted after getting her ears pierced? Well, turns out she was a friend of one of my old friends, and they all came by, and gave us a thank you card and chocolates for doing such a good job! Now, if that doesn't make anyone feel warm and fuzzy inside, I don't know what will.

I'm going to have to drive through rush-hour traffic today in downtown Geneva (aka, that one town with the really narrow roads,) because one of the roads I usually take will be closed today. And I don't want to drive on killer Randall Road, so... that's the only way I can bypass it. /headdesk.

There's a whole lot of neat Rayearth merchandise from Nakayoshi magazine floating around on ebay. I bought a pencil case, a Hikaru keychain, and the Hikaru notebook I needed (since I already had the Umi and Fuu ones, it's pretty weird to NOT have the one of my favorite knight.) I also came across a set of Shadow of the Colossus figures, which I couldn't help but buy because the set was fairly cheap compared to other places, AND it included the secret Mono figure. You can see them all pretty well here. Yes, I like sharing the shit I buy with you guys. Sue me. >:

Ummmm. Yep. Don't wanna go to work today. OH YEAH I ALMOST FORGOT.

This artist who does a number of Chrono Cross fanarts whose website I watch... apparently did the illustrations for this Chrono Cross fangame... which is a DATING SIM. I don't think the trial version is available for download anymore, but HAHAHAHA. I wonder how they incorporated Dark Serge into this, because LOL, he's in it (far right.)

Mkay, Nina, signing off. /salute
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08 August 2007 @ 11:51 pm

I don't know if I can fake perky tomorrow. And because my genius manager, for some reason, HAD HER PHONE OFF TODAY, I am very unsure if the store is in the best condition it can possibly be in, and everything is by the book. I am pretty sure Kari will be there tomorrow, but uh... I have no idea when the RM is coming in. ._. AAGGGHHHR.

I am now going to shower, and then flee to my bed, where I will probably worry all night.

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06 August 2007 @ 10:44 am
Hay there all you sexy mommas. I've been working non stop the past few days, and I wont get a day off until possibly Thursday, depending on what happens. I worked 46 hours this past week, which is NOT what a third key should be working. As some you might remember me mentioning, we recently lost our assistant manager because of some stupid moves on her part. We just got a new girl in to take her place, who is very sweet, but has yet to be turned over, meaning she can't be alone in the store just yet. Well, even though this is good news, Kari and I got another slap in the face. Sarah, our other third key, quit. She left Kari a note saying that since her hours were going to be cut (to what a third key would normally have with full staff,) and that she was miserable, she was quitting and getting another job elsewhere. We were both pretty shocked and angered. This now meant that Kari and I were the only ones on staff that could open and close the store. We've been busting our butts, as you can imagine. AND I AM SICK OF BEING AT CLAIRE'S. There is a point where you just don't give a shit about greeting every single person and re-approaching them all because it feels like you haven't done anything else BUT that for over a week. /headdesk. I have to go in at 3:30 again today. 6 hours isn't so bad, since I think I have only done 9 hour shifts for the past few days. /stares off into space.

Not to mention that on the 4th we had a girl faint in the piercing chair. Her mother was standing outside on her cell phone, and while Cathy (our new assistant manager, who has only been here for uh... maybe a week and a half?) was finishing up and cleaning her ears, Kari and I were standing nearby talking. After all, the 4th was Kari's birthday (as well as my father's,) and she was excited about the coming party that night. The girl just keeled over and fainted, and Kari saw it happening, ran over, and Cathy was trying to steady the girl, but her head hit the glass window behind her as her mother came running in. I, of course, had followed Kari and I grabbed the girl's legs, as she was going completely rigid, and we got her down to the floor. I had to run and get a plastic bag in case she started vomiting at the command of her mother, Kari got the smelling salts from the piercing cabinet, and the girl came to. No throwing up or anything, but she didn't realize what had happened and said that she was dreaming while she was out. Haha. Everyone in the store was very confused. Lulz. It was kind of exciting, though, as stressful as everything has been at the old work these days. The next day Cathy and I had to pierce an infant as well, which is always a pain in the ass. Luckily, though, the parents in BOTH the above situations thought we handled it very well and stuff. No one freaked out or froze with the fainting girl, so hells yeah. /thumbs up.

My step-dad has been saying to me that he's proud of me. I was very confused by this, because it's not as if I am doing this by choice. My mom finally clarified that he meant that he's "proud of me for stepping up to the plate." Obviously, he has never thought of me as one to be able to handle anything, so yeah. Gives you all an even better idea of what he's like. >_>

Besides all that, the only thing I have really been doing is doodling and roleplaying. And most of said doodles are roleplay related. GO ME. I've also decided to start reading Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, thanks to session's layout and stuff. And Hayato looking a lot like Haseo, wtf. >: I like Hayato's faces a lot, though. Kahaha.

Yes, I am really burned out. And yes, I am apologizing for my absence again. I wanna go on messenger programs, but I am always too tired, or I have to be up in the morning. :/ BLEH.

PS - Everyone should go download 7 O'Clock News (listed as 19 O'Clock News on Gendou's.) I think I'm gonna upload something to carminagadelica as well.

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01 August 2007 @ 01:43 pm
Well, I saw it on arnica_dono's LJ and decided to see what you guys imagine(d) me to look like. Haha. Just comment in the thread I've linked.

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30 July 2007 @ 12:13 pm
So, I couldn't stay off the internet. It's hard for my to finish Harry Potter, because, well... I can't believe it's actually ending. I normally fly through the books, but... yeah. I've been popping on and off the internet lately, between working and being tired and breeding Pokemon and reading. I missed you guys too much, and I feel like I've been neglecting everyone, online and offline, because I've been too tired and whatever else. I finished my first commission, and that means that kiradesu needs to talk to me about her commission and exactly what she wants. 8) <333


WHAT U MEAN U DONT HAF SAFETY WALL!!!!!???!?!121eleven

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08 July 2007 @ 07:42 pm
Yoinked from arnica_dono (aka Shiny Beacon! <333) I had to skip a few songs, since they were lyric-less. Man, you guys are never gonna be able to guess these. I have such a weird playlist. I'm really tired from opening the store today, and I had these really insane stomach cramps to boot. Like, I could hardly stand up straight. And no, the song in my currently listening is NOT one of these. Hohoho. And then I died of exhaustion.

Remember, no google searching. And I apologize for #15. No one will ever guess that without searching.

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