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26 August 2007 @ 09:50 pm
Hey guys!  
Well, been a while again, huh?

I started my first week of community college at ECC, and so far, I really love it there. I don't feel trapped, because now I commute to school and stuff, and can live at home. The place is really nice for a community college, way nicer than anything I ever saw at NIU. The classes are small, but will be challenging. I'm nervous about actually having to DO school stuff again, but... I'll get buy, yeah? This semester I'm taking Child Psychology (lol,) English Composition II, Speech (GAG,) and World History. My teachers all seem really nice, if not quirky, but I can tell these classes wont be an easy ride. Especially English Comp II, which is pretty much going to essay after essay.

It seems a number of you are moving to college now or very soon. Good luck with it, and really, there should be nothing to worry about! My move in last year was actually one of the best times I spent at college. (Is that really a good thing?)

Hmm, what else to say. Still buying crap off of Ebay. Should be catching up with my new manga and such, but I've been too busy drawing and actually being on MSN and AIM for once. I was too tired to do that today, though, because we had guests.

Last week was insane because of the weather. I had to go to work at 4:30 on the day that this monster storm hit the area. Some of you might have heard about the recent flooding and what not in the midwest due to very strange storms. The bad stuff happened around 3 pm, when our power goes out and it starts pouring like I've never seen it pour before. The wind literally made the rain move sideways and whip against our windows as if someone had a hose outside and was pointing it at our window. The thunder was deafening, and my grandmother ended up calling us to tell us there were tornado warnings for the area. I ended up going downstairs with my mom and the cat for about an hour until I had to go, but the worst of that wave was over by the time I had to leave, which proved to be very lucky for me. I made it to work, even though this one road on a hill I always take was INSANELY blocked up with cars. And I started to lose traction when I finally made it up to the four way stop. It was great. 8) I made it to work, and my manager was quite freaked out. The lights had gone out, the tornado sirens had been on, and she had literally run to the back room bathroom because that is the safest place in the store. Ahem. Everything seemed fine for a while, even though funnel clouds had been sighted in Geneva (the town I work in and live near,) and there was damage everywhere. I had seen a number of trees snapped in half, as well as branches and shit strewn around the streets on my way there. We had no customers at all, and some of the stores around there had closed (lucky devils.) A little before 6 pm, when my manager was set to leave, a new wave of insane rain and thunder passed over us. It was even worse than the first had been, and water was literally gushing up from the drains in the road. Water literally would fly up and hit the windshields of cars as they drove through the chaos. It subsided a little, however, and Kari was able to leave. This continued for a long time through the evening, our power going out for a second and third time while I was alone. And I had one customer the entire night. I couldn't help but look at them her like she was an idiot, and she had her daughter with her, too. I mean, wtf? GO HOME. So, in other words, we had one customer from around 3 pm until 9 pm. Haaaah.

I got home safely, it wasn't really storming anymore by then, but when I got home... our power was still out. 8) So, no hot meal for me! And to top it all off, there was another wave that hit us late that night and I barely got any sleep. The thunder was just unbearable. Huge crashes of sound, that lasted for 30 seconds or more. WOO YEAH I LOVE THIS WEATHER.


The biggest highlight of last week was getting .hack//XXXX volume 1 and 2 in the mail. For those of you who have probably stopped reading at this point, .hack//XXXX is an alternate retelling of the first .hack games (Infection, Mutation, Outbreak, Quarantine.) Also known as the one with BlackRose and Kite. Capeche? Well, I've been working on a mood theme for Kite, and have chosen to do manga-only pictures. Since The Wafflehouse hasn't been keeping up with their bloody projects, including .hack//XXXX and .hack//4 Koma, I decided to buy the manga so I could scan all of Kite's wonderful emotions.

And boy, was I surprised. I was really, really pleased with how .hack//XXXX's scenario played out.

It is similar, especially in theme (the nature/humanity of A.I., this seemingly harmless online game infecting the internet and thus causing big problems in the real world, Kite's inner turmoil about the Twilight Bracelet,) but a number of events are quite different. The presence of the humanoid Cubia really changes things, and a lot of the second half of the adventure to try and fight off the Cursed Wave (the infection, lol,) is about Balmung, Kite and Cubia killing a number of the Phases and them ignoring BlackRose. Poor BlackRose has to clean up their mess and save Kite's ass after Cubia reveals his true intentions. HAHA.

But, seriously, it was cool. Lots of cute little Kite x BlackRose implications and funny panels, mainly with Kite being silly. The Wotan Spear, wielded by the unfortunate Albireo, makes a cameo after Cubia repairs it and uses it against Gorre. The thing is WICKED, too. The part where Cubia kidnaps Kite is... very heart wrenching and also filled with LOL. It is implied that Kite's player actually feels pain when BlackRose breaks the Bracelet, and in XXXX, Kite's vision often blurs and he feels sick after he's been using the Bracelet a lot. During the decisive fight with Macha, Kite's tries to Data Drain her, but misses on the account that "OH SHIT BUT SHE'S MIA." Kite gets all wonky and falls to his knees with blurred vision, leaving it all up to Cubia. And thus, Cubia mercilessly Data Drains Macha in front of Elk, even though she was reacting to Elk's cries. BlackRose, Balmung and Helba show up, and see Kite still fatigued and what not. BlackRose realizes what happened, and gets very angry with Kite. From what I can tell, Cubia implies that Kite was the one who finished off Macha, and has a verbal fight with BlackRose about Kite having the right to destroy her and something about her comatose brother (YEE.) BlackRose says goodbye to Kite, and damn... HIS FACE. D8 Nyaaah! So, the big LOL... is that Kite ends up being wrapped up in Cubia's TENTACLES. HAHAHA. Oh god, the implications. BlackRose saves Kite's ass, though. It's really cute, because once Cubia starts to attack BlackRose with the tentacles, Kite's hand twitches and his Bracelet starts to hurt Cubia. HAHAHA. 8D Teh power of loves?! (Uhhh)

I also really love Megane Kikuya's style. They way he/she draws is just... so fluid, minimalistic and contemporary. It was really a treat to see so many wonderful drawings of my favorite .hack characters AND for my favorite installment of .hack ever. Also, Megane understands boob anatomy and physics. It is AMAZING. I seriously would scan every single page, but I'm afraid if I bend them too much, I'll end up ruining them. Wagh. But, I did scan some...

This panel was the biggest LOL out of all of XXXX for me. Meet: BISHOUNEN KAITO (aka 勇者カイト Hero/The Brave Kite) You guys MIGHT have noticed that I already icon'd this image. HAH.

BlackRose fights with Cubia and says goodbye to Kite.

Kite has a dream that everything is back to normal! GAHHH. These IRL sequences made me scream like a fangirl every time. IRL Kite has CUTE HAIR. And also, IRL Orca is HOT. He has GLASSES. And is like, a head taller than IRL Kite even though they are the exact same age.

There is something very funny about IRL Kite using Data Drain. I love that arm of his though. 8) And damn, Kite's sure having a bad dream. It's never cool when you've got evil shit growing out of your arm.

Cubia dies, realizing that he betrayed the one person who showed him real friendship in his whole miserable life of being called "trash data."

D'omg cute.

BlackRose pushes Kite out of the way of Corbenik's Data Drain, and takes the blow. Just before her character is destroyed and her player falls into a coma, she says: "Kite... Kazu (her younger brother)... Please..."

RAWR!! I really love Megane's close-ups.

After some really cool sequences with the comeback of Orca, and numerous special attacks against Corbenik/Morganna, Kite attempts a final blow... but Aura gets in the way, taking Kite's dagger. Angry Kite's hot. D:

Now, the creme de la creme. After Kite kills Aura, she is reborn. And then... she gives Kite a blessing. And he becomes the "Azure Flame God," (literally "Guardian Deity of Azure Flame") which is also the name of Azure Kite's (from .hack//G.U., you all should know him by now,) full power form. AND DAMN. Does he KICK ASS. So, now we have Orca of the Azure Sea, Balmung of the Azure Sky, and Kite of the Azure Flame. And Morganna is like O8

Kite returns to himself and gets a big smack of BlackRose in his face! 8D Co cuuuuute. Also, Helba = gorgeous.

After everything is over, Kite retains the "W" mark on his hat.

And the final page. D'omg Kite and BlackRose meeting IRL! Kite's like "WAH" And holy shit, Kite is really fucking short compared to Orca and Balmung, even IRL. LITTLE CUBIAAAAA.

Hmyep. That was all very pointless, and I'm sorry.

Oh, oh, I have been working on the meme pictures, so don't worry, guys! I'll probably post them all in the next entry, kay?

I don't wanna go to class tomorrow morning. It's to eaaaarly. D|

Also, I'm gonna post some mp3s on carminagadelica. I really want to see the anime that they're from, but you'll have to head over there to find out anything else. /wink
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asdhjfbciwu3487 on August 27th, 2007 05:27 am (UTC)
I am so totally lost but I thought IRL Kite was Kaworu from Evangelion for a bit. Until I saw the caption I was like "Did she suddenly switch manga?"

Anyway, I'm glad you're liking it at your new school. Actually, I think the moving in part was the best too. For some reason it was fun to run around buying new things and setting up a completely new place to live, it's pretty interesting. Plus, you're like "FUCK YEAH, WHOLE NEW EXPERIENCE!"... then afterwards you kinda lose the excitement. Lol.

That weather sound scary. We had a bit of strange weather here lately as well, but nothing drastic. It just got really, really cold (like, in the 50s) after it had just been in the 80s and 90s the days before. It was weird, but I wasn't complaining cos I like the cold :x It's hot again, though *sweats* Woe.
Nina: [Kite & BlackRose] Meetingcaliga on August 27th, 2007 06:54 pm (UTC)
He does look like Kaworu! Minus the smarmy smirk. It's not surprising, since Yoshiyuki Sadamoto did the designs for the original .hack games that Megane might play some homage to the guy. I remember specifically when this page came out, someone saying "DON'T PULL A SHINJI, KITE" |D

Haha! OMG YES. I always find buying shiny new things (especially school stuff, because it usually isn't that expensive,) and the new feeling was good. But, yeah, it gets old. Lolz.

Temperature jumps I'm pretty used to. Chicago is notorious for it's really sudden weather changes. But, that's pretty extreme. D: Personally, I can't wait until the hot weather goes away, either.
Kyo: boogiepopashura_sama on August 27th, 2007 06:30 am (UTC)
So, no hot meal for me!
Wha-??? What the heck, do your ovens all run on electricity? Or is it that you can't cook without a microwave oven? Electrical ovens are the exception over here. Generally, the only way you can't cook during a power outage is if you're a dimwit who can't use matches to start the fire.

Glad to know you're liking the new college. I'll refrain from saying anything on your choice of classes because I don't know shit about how college works in the USA.

Haha, I managed to tune out the top panel from that last page -and- the bit where you mentioned RL Orca and Balmung, and was like, "Huh? RL BlackRose is a guy?"
Nina: [Sora & Jack] SECRATScaliga on August 27th, 2007 06:58 pm (UTC)
Our oven is powered by electricity, I'm pretty sure, but our stove is gas. I'm thinking that our gas was off, too, because it was my mom who said that cooking was absolutely out of the question. And she's no fool. So, it's either that the gas was also off, or the gas is also somehow driven by electricity. (Whut?)

I'm getting all of my general education courses done. Because I'm only a second year, I don't have much to choose from.

LMAO. Oh man. Poor BlackRose. xD That would have been a shock to EVERYONE.
(Deleted comment)
Nina: [BlackRose] Air of Dun Loireagcaliga on August 27th, 2007 07:01 pm (UTC)
Mod your PS2 to play U.S. region games, and you're golden. 8D It really stinks you can't play them, though.

New school ftw!

Everything seems relatively fine now, so... let's just hope we don't get anymore flooding. /crosses fingers.

Oh, yeah. I heard about that on BBC World. Those fires looked really fucking scary. I mean, it was like a wall of fire! D8 At least, from the footage that I saw some time ago. Arsonists can burn in hell. (no pun intended.)
(Deleted comment)
Nina: [Zel & Dilgear] OMG NO WAIcaliga on August 27th, 2007 07:18 pm (UTC)
Oh. Well, uh... order them online? You can find them really easily on Amazon.com. 8D;

It's still going on?! /doesn't have time for TV. Holy crapola! D8 I think they need to stop before they burn all of Greece! I mean, buh whuh sputter

I certainly hope they stop soon. How foolish.
(Deleted comment)
Nina: [Ico & Yorda] Kneelcaliga on August 27th, 2007 07:37 pm (UTC)
D8 !!! You can use a debit/bank card, too, actually. Ah well, once you're 18 it'll be great fun. xD I guess it's a good thing that you'll probably only be paying only $10-30 for each volume of the first .hack games~

Ugh, really? I guess all you really can do is hope at this point... the fires are too bad for normal people to be whipping out hoses. >:
(Deleted comment)
Nina: [Balmung & Kite] Unlikelycaliga on August 27th, 2007 07:13 pm (UTC)
Haha! Community college is great. ):

Does it sound like fun?! The crowds have died down since school began again, but... hahaha. You'd probably not like my job if you actually had to do it. 8D;;

Yeah, what matters is that no one was really hurt, though I heard a guy working for Com Ed was electrocuted while trying to bring power back to an area. :/
(Deleted comment)
Nina: [Kite] Winkcaliga on August 27th, 2007 10:06 pm (UTC)
Hey, you never know! They just MIGHT bring it over. Personally, I was really surprised that Another Birth was translated. So... you never know. I also want them to bring over .hack//CELL and .hack//4 Koma really bad. ;O;

Haha, well, it seems as though Balmung lets loose his fanboyish tendencies when he becomes a CC Corp Administrator. Or something. LotB is... eeegh. And the anime is non-canon, so... there you go. xD He's just a regular guy getting paid $4 an hour and apparently has brothers and sisters (lmao, that's stuff from .hack//GIFT, which also non-canon, but I don't care.)
solar_panda on August 28th, 2007 12:13 am (UTC)
Tokyopop licensed .hack//XXXX and .hack//G.U.+, actually. 8)

Coming in February are a manga adaptation of the Shin Megami Tensei videogame series and .hack//G.U.+. [...] Mid-2008 will also see .hack//XXXX in June... From this article.
Nina: [Kite] ZOMGcaliga on August 28th, 2007 02:24 pm (UTC)
... I knew they licensed G.U.+, but... NOT XXXX! 8D LOL. Fucking hilarious. But I'm glad I wont have to wait until 2008 to know XXXX's wonders.
Red Raveness: Corbin Dynastred_raveness on August 27th, 2007 10:46 pm (UTC)
:< That day sucked hard core. Every five minutes Kari or ny mother would call all freaked out, and I'd be like "wut?" because it wasn't bad here for more then a few minutes. And what the hell to the lady that was in your store! Tornado + Flooding = STAY AT HOME WITH YOUR SMALL CHILD. God. And did Kari tell you about James' house? I heard that one of the dorms at Northern had to be evacuated too. Sucks.
/Draws FFVI stuff
Nina: [Azure Kite] Twilight In Your Eyescaliga on August 28th, 2007 05:50 pm (UTC)
Haha, well, at least you got to be home for it! D8 And wow, Kari was calling you, too? Figured only your mother really did that. And yeah, Kari told me about James' house. HAHA. He deserves it. Annnnd so glad I'm not at Northern this year. ;D
Red Raveness: Locke Pissyred_raveness on August 28th, 2007 09:34 pm (UTC)
Yeah.. *I* was the Level headed one. Me. Miss I SPAZ OVER WIERD STUFF. Keeeh, I still feel kinda bad for James though. I mean... He probably didn't have flood insurance so it's all his money: poof gone.
solar_panda on August 28th, 2007 12:55 am (UTC)
That is some really crappy weather. D: I can't believe you went to work in that.

I'm glad you're enjoying comm college so far. If yours is anything like mine, it's bound to be full of really fun (but kinda bizarre) activities. Ah, free entertainment. XD


BTW, do you mind if I color some of the scans? I'll credit you with the original scans. ♥
Nina: [Donald] Icycaliga on August 28th, 2007 05:54 pm (UTC)
Well, what was I supposed to do?


Eat the Japanese ROFL! KAHAHA.

I don't care, go ahead. xD I'll probably scan some more later, since I wanna use these 2 volumes for the Kite mood set. I'll be sure to send you more if they're juicy.
solar_panda on August 28th, 2007 06:13 pm (UTC)
Stay home and try not to die? D: Call in and say "Bitches, close the store early because I'm not going to drive on dangerous flooded roads and through tornadoes to get to work." D:D:D:

So says the person who went to school and work with bronchitis for a few months. Who needs rest when you have antibiotics and caffeine? ._.

Don't be like me. Seriously.

Thanks~! ♥ And juicy scans? I'll look forward to them. :3
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