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04 March 2007 @ 01:21 pm
Oh, the problems.  
Well, life isn't as bad as the subject makes it out to be... but it's just a matter of time before stuff really comes crashing down academically for me. But, let's not get into that... and just say math sucks.

I turned in my stupidly crappy 3D art wood sculpture reliquary poo thing, and that is at least over and we wont have to be in the wood shop anymore (well, we might go back there, but at least not for a long while,) and now we're doing a cardboard sculpture of our HANDS doing a letter or number in sign language. This means we have to do really intricate measurements on our own hands and figure out how to make them with cardboard. Cardboard, I have worked with only once, and is really FUCKING annoying. I have come to the conclusion that this is by far the worst class I have ever experienced. My gods. I am seriously not caring about school right now, though, and I have a feeling that a few people might not be finished for the critique either. I'm not the only busy person/lazy ass there, that's for sure. I am just so sick of 3D art. It feels like we don't get a moment to even breath in that class; not exaggerating here.

Not to mention I still have to make up all that homework for Drawing II. A self portrait and 4 pictures of an egg. UGH UGH UGH. The egg wont be so bad, since it'll be monochromatic, but I personally hate drawing my own face. And I didn't have any time to go finish that 4 day drawing we were doing in that class, and we have crit tomorrow. I had my own personal crisis to deal with last week, AND to top it all off, I had two exams. One on Wednesday and the other on Thursday, which would have been my off day and I possibly could have gone and worked on my picture... but it didn't happen.

I was up all Thursday night because I got a shaky voicemail from my mom about my cat. I stayed up late watching the rest of Escaflowne with Dominique and then Beauty and the Beast until almost 4 am. I didn't know what was wrong with the cat, and my mom merely said to me in Swedish "Meuwey doesn't feel good. Call me back so we can talk about him..." the tone and the shake in her voice is what really worried me, and I couldn't call her back because it was too late when I saw I had a voicemail (I had been charging the phone that day.) Well, I found out the next day that he has a urinary tract infection and he peed some blood, but is NOT blocked. (Thank the gods.) We had him on some antibiotics, but that gave him diarrhea and wasn't making the blood go away. So, I came home and made sure he was peeing only in the litter box, which I have been doing all weekend, constantly watching him and urging him to try and pee as often as possible. It's very lucky I am so close to the cat, and he understands a lot of what I say (especially in Swedish,) such as "Meuwey, gå i boxen." or "Meuwey, om du måste kissa, gå i boxen!" (Lawl, I had to have my mom help me with the Swedish spelling. =w=;; ) Which is pretty much "Meuwey, go in the box," and "If you have to pee, go in the box." He doesn't respond as well to English commands, for some reason. Anyways, we've been giving him a natural antibiotic now, goldenseal, which I took when I had a sinus infection, by diluting it and giving it to him by dropper. He hates and it wants to spit it up if it touches his tongue (we try to get it to just slide down his throat, but he flails so much it's almost impossible.) BUT. Thanks to him peeing on the plastic pad in front of the littler box instead of directly in the box, we saw last night that there was only about a drop or two worth of blood in it! And this morning, there was quite a bit of pee on the pad, and there was no trace of blood. So, thanks to my mom being very natural about health treatment, his diarrhea is going away, along with the blood AND he's peeing much more now. We're going to look around online and find a pro-biotic for him to take after he's done with the goldenseal. He's still not 100%, but I'm glad my kitty is doing so much better. He's definitely more than a pet to my mother and I... so, it's been pretty traumatic for us.

And on a fun note... I got Final Fantasy VI for the GBA, and I am seriously pleased with it so far. I finally was able to find myself using my imagination for a game and enjoying it... instead of just watching pretty graphics fly by and see that the story has been nearly forgotten in the wake of said graphics. Yay for Terra! >o< /wiggle
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nice boat: Blehgravira on March 4th, 2007 08:25 pm (UTC)
Whoa school is indeed a bitch. And LMAO @ the picture of the egg. XD

You have to draw yourself? Hmm that reminds me of my high school year book. My year book's cover has all the self drawn pictures of most of the senior class. (My class.) I'm not on there because I didn't take art. (Thank god.) But my year book is so fucking ugly. When I picked it up from school last year I was like... "WTF is this shit?" If you want a picture of it I can take it for you haha. XD

And I'm sorry to hear about your cat. At least he's getting better though! I remember when my dog's leg was hurt we had to give her these pills and they weren't doing shit. We were spending too much money so we stopped giving it to her because (not cause we wanted her to die) we had a feeling she didn't need them. And guess what? She didn't she got better in a couple of weeks. Damn vets.
Nina: wander colossus headcaliga on March 4th, 2007 08:37 pm (UTC)
Omg, take a picture of it! xD My senior yearbook was horrendous as well. Lots of mistakes and really unorganized and BLAH. The cover wasn't too bad, though.

Yay for you dog! Yeah, vets and doctors alike prescribe too much crap to people who don't really need it at all. I hope we'll be moving into a better age without so much dependency on antibiotics.
kiradesu on March 4th, 2007 08:26 pm (UTC)
I'm glad Meuwey is doing better!! Meuwey must be smart, to know Swedish. o.o! Does Meuwey mean something in Swedish?? ("Meow" would be my guess??? XD)

School is relentless. I can totally empathize with you there.
Nina: ico yordacaliga on March 4th, 2007 08:42 pm (UTC)
Hehe, thanks! >3< I'm sure he would appreciate it.

But, no, I was just a silly kid that liked to give pets unoriginal names that usually had to do with the noises that they made or a certain trait. (Chirpy for a bird, Stripes for a fish, etc.) xD

This is always one of the worst times when it comes to school. People are just sick of it at this point.
Jackiejackiejac on March 4th, 2007 09:30 pm (UTC)
OH GAD. School is sooo annoying! I have to write this thing for sociology about what I think families will be like "in at least 100 years." And it has to be "creative." FUCK THAT SHIT. UGH! It's due tomorrow and I've barely started |D

D: Poor kitty! <3 I hope he's back to normal soon! I dunno if I told you, my cat had a huge lump on her throat back at the end of October - I was worried about it because she had been throwing up a lot - so we took her to the vet and he drained it (apparently it was full of fluid). I was the one who discovered it, but my dad took her to the vet in the morning - it was Halloween. She had to stay there over night. I was having a party that night, and Meagan was over to help me decorate, but I spent the whole day randomly bursting into tears. It was awful D: I spent the whole day with her the next day. I'm kind of worried because is back now - smaller and harder than before. I'm worried that it's a tumor - she's old (14, almost 15) so it's possible D: Scary. I understand what you mean when you say your cat is more than a pet - Muffy is like my little sister, or maybe even my child - I've had her since I can remember.

Omg, ps, I totally want FFVI for DS! <3 I have it for PS, but I didn't play it all the way through XD; That reminds me... I should finish FFIV or III or whatever I have XD